This is a yearly event that is near to my heart! For the past four years, I have donated my time to the Midlands Ride for Kids benefiting the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

The first time you meet the stars which is what we call our children with brain tumors, you cannot help but feel blessed to know them. They are extraordinary kids and young adults who have battled or may be battling the unthinkable. However, here they are making you smile and laugh and don't want your sympathy. Only your love and support.

The Midlands Ride for Kids is a day that we celebrate these stars, raise money to support them and even pay our respects to the ones that are running around in heaven pain free and healed.

100% of the proceeds from the $5.00 digital downloads from this event will go straight to the Midlands Ride for Kids.

Plan to join us next year and bring a friends and a neighbor and a friends friend! You can find us on Facebook at Midlands Ride for Kids or you can go to for more information.
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