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A Father's Love

March 20, 2016  •  6 Comments

Yesterday I met the sweetest couple and their 2 1/2 week old baby boy.

We had an instant connection and I felt like we had known each other forever.  You see, the new dad is a Police Officer in Columbia.  My husband is and has been in law enforcement for over 22 years.  

His wife and I talked about the struggles of being a "Police Wife" and all of the uncertainties and fear that comes with a husband who wears a badge. I'm sure she has experienced the half eaten meals left to get cold when a call comes in and I know she will also experience the missed holidays and explaining to her sweet little boy that daddy will be home soon and then we can all celebrate (insert holiday here.)  It's a connection that all spouses of Public Safety experience. 

So when I got the chance to capture this precious family and an extra treat of daddy in uniform....I took it and smiled.  :)  

(91 of 130)(91 of 130) There is something about the strength and the love of being snuggled into the arms of the man who keeps you and the entire community safe. These officers are husband/wives, moms/dads, brothers/sisters and are human just like everyone else.  They get happy, angry, and sad just like you and yes, their lives do matter. #Bluelivesmatter,#weseeyou,#policelivesmatter

I hope that when you see these images you will remember and appreciate the officer's who put on this badge each day no matter what may be going on around them.  Please also remember and pray for the families of the ones who gave the ultimate price so that we can sleep peacefully and without fear.


(110 of 130)(110 of 130)

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beatrice spears(non-registered)
Godbless their families always. my prayers always go out to you especially when they have to be in a situation. i hope and pray they come home safe. Bless are the peace keepers
Candi Connolly Walrath(non-registered)
These pictures remind me of my brother, Sgt. J P Connolly, retired police officer of 33 years. He and his wife have 8 sons and THEY were his world. He passed away 11/11/2015, his 58th birthday. I am so proud of him...he will ALWAYS be MY HERO. Thank you for posting these AWESOME pictures.
Daniel Covey(non-registered)
Wonderful pictures and post. You are have true talent.
Marcha Casselman(non-registered)
This is my great grandson! The photos are so wonderful. He is Duce a joy to our family. Thank you for your time putting this together.
Thank You
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